Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yesterday's Mishap

I told you we were going to ride and we did. We did a loop from Roaring Spring to Martinsburg and back through all the country roads and rolling hills (more hills than I thought) for a total of 19 miles.
Everything was going fine, the temperature actually climbed to 64 degrees and other than the wind it was a great day for a ride! Then we came up to the main intersection in Martinsburg about 14 miles into our ride. My husband and I both have shoes that clip into the pedals and I have been doing pretty well with them. You have to remember to clip out ahead of time when you are going to stop or you will have a problem. As we approach I get my left foot out of the pedal, the light is red and I am preparing to stop and thinking I am getting better at this. The light then changes to green, I am still moving and ready to continue thru but my husband doesn't see that it changed and has stopped in front of me. Suddenly I am at a standstill between a car and the curb and my right foot is still clipped in the pedal. That is when the mishap occurred. I start losing my balance and can't get my right foot out quick enough and down I go, in what seemed like slow motion, to the curb my bike coming down on top of me and my right knee catching the brunt of the fall.
My husband at this point has finally seen that the light has changed and is going thru the intersection only to turn around and see me lying on the curb. I look around and see cars at all four corners of the intersection and very quickly get my foot out of my pedal (why wouldn't it come out earlier) and continue in a speedy manner straight thru the intersection without looking at anyone in any of the cars. I was certainly afraid that someone was going to recognize me and couldn't stand to see the look on their faces. I started to laugh as I caught up with my husband. He stopped and waited for me. He was concerned that I was ok, which I was, but I felt as if I had scrapped open my knee. As soon as I told him this his immediate response was "you didn't rip open your pants, did you?". No, I did not and thank goodness since they where $65.
We continued another 5 miles to home and thankfully it was uneventful.

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  1. Thank goodness you didn't ruin those expensive pants! :-)

    I'm glad you are okay! My day is coming, I'm sure!