Saturday, April 11, 2009

This is becoming an expensive hobby

My sister somehow convinced me to be a co-author of this blog. I am not sure how, because I don’t even like to write but here I am.
My husband (Cris) and I have agreed to ride on the MS150 ride with my sister Julie. Yes, I do think she fell and bumped her head and really thought she was joking when she called me up one day and suggested this. My husband even laughed when I suggested he might be interested and that Julie and I would do this also. I am really laughing now and feel like I am going to become one of those MasterCard commercials you see on television:
  • Two brand new road bikes $2000
  • Two pairs of cycling shoes $200
  • Two pairs of biking pants $130
  • Jacket and Jersey $120
  • Safety Lights and seat bags $100

Getting healthy, spending quality time with family and friends and helping thousands of people with MS….PRICELESS!!!

Of course this is just the beginning, but as my dear sister informs me, this will be the most expensive year for this new hobby because we have to buy everything. After this year it will be much less. She seems to forget that everything she needs I need two of. Also with most hobbies’ you are never happy to stay with the items you started with you always want to upgrade and will always need new clothing. Speaking of which, cycling clothing is outrageously priced. I mean really $65 for one pair of cycling pants and the same for the jerseys; I won’t even pay that much for a pair of jeans. I need to find time to start sewing more and that is another whole story.

My husband told the owner of the bike shop we patronize that I am not allowed to go in there without him anymore, because I spend too much money. Of course the owner said he likes to see me come in anytime. That is not surprising, is it? The funny thing about that is that my husband went with me today and I still spent $100 and most of it was for him. Among other things we purchased lights for the front and rear of our bikes so we would be very visible on the road. He now thinks he wants to ride after dark tonight just so he can see how bright they really are, I don’t think I will be joining him. We are however going to ride this afternoon, planning about 20 miles. The sun is out and the temp is up to 48 degrees. I think that should be warm enough since I have my special $65 pants to wear.

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  1. Bravo, Sis! See, you can write perfectly fine. I don't know what you were worried about.

    Yea, quite expensive! In fact, that will probably be the topic of one of my future posts!

    Have fun today. Wish I could join you. However, when my little granddaughter gets here, everything else stops. She gets my undivided attention! :-)

    Love ya!