Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching Up Again

June 27 - 41.2 miles w/Chrissy and Alex (our 'Team Link' Leader). Covered some of the MS route. Rode down the scariest hill ever ... Eden Hill Road in Spruce Creek. Very narrow and curvy. OMG!

June 28 - 30.1 miles solo (first time riding in the rain ... argh!)

July 3 - 40.4 miles w/Chrissy, Art (from work and part of 'Team Link'), and Mike, Nancy, and John from the Blair Bicycle Club (Nancy took the photo so she's not in it, but that's her bike)

July 4 - 19.2 miles w/Chrissy. Evening ride.

July 11 - 12.5 miles (Rails to Trails) - Took our trail bikes for the annual 'possum' ride, but we were the lone possums. Everyone bailed because of the unpredictable weather. We took our chances. Started in the daylight. Ended in the dark, which was a little spooky. We had some good laughs along the way!

July 12 - 51 miles - Rode with Blair Bicycle Club. Longest ride to date! Rode part of the MS route. Stopped in State College at the American Ale House & Grill for lunch (see photo). Fun time, but lunch killed us. Getting back on the bike was sooooo hard!! But we made it.

July 13 - Spinning

July 17 - 15.62 miles w/Chrissy. Nice evening ride to stretch our legs and loosen up. Good pace. My average mph was 14.0, which is really good for me!

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