Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Ditch Training Effort

July 18 - 39.85 miles (gee, I should have ridden up and down the driveway to get to 40!) - Chrissy, Jody, and me. "Horse & Buggy Ride" according to Martinsburg to Williamsburg & back. First half was fun ... second half was really tough thanks to extreme head winds and lots of hills! Did not see ANY horse and buggy's. Horses ... but no buggy's.

July 21 - 20.48 miles - Chrissy, Jody, and me. East Freedom to Queen & back. Picnic Road was no picnic to climb and descend! Ominous skies, and we pedaled our asses off at the end to beat the storm. The moment we got off the bikes, we were hit with a pretty intense thunder storm.

July 22 - Spinning - Just me and the Nazi. Where the heck was everyone?

July 23 - Spinning again

July 24 - Rest day ... did some stretching ... got a pedicure ... got my bike ready ... packed. Now heading to bed. Morning will be here before I know it ... and I just know I'm not going to sleep worth a darn!

Two things that scare me ... 500 other bicycles within very close proximity of me ... steep curvy descents. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Night, night ...


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