Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I am NOT buying you a bike"

This past December, I told my hubby, Wade, that I was thinking of riding in the MS150 charity bike ride. Of course, he gave me the grumpy "Yea, right" look. He also told me he was not buying me a bike ... in fact, he told me that more than once and everytime I brought up this topic ... in fact, he said it so many times that I was getting pretty annoyed at him. What do you mean, 'you' won't buy me a bike? I'm gainfully employed too. I'll buy it myself. But I can't say I blame him ... I was not a likely candidate to start doing something athletic. So I had to prove to him that I was serious. Well, after a few months of spinning and losing some weight, he started to believe that I wasn't joking around. So not only did he buy me one bike ... I now have TWO bikes!

Why two bikes? Well, the first bike was a 'budget' bike ... a practical purchase. It was inexpensive and was a recreational bike that I could ride on the roads or on the trails. It works great, is comfortable and a really nice bike. But when I started going on some group rides, I realized I needed a 'road' bike to keep up. I was always trailing behind everyone else. I guess the tires, the weight, and the aerodynamics of the bike really do make a difference. So I contemplated trading my Cannondale. However, I decided against trading. I wanted to keep it for the trails.

So a few weeks ago, after riding with the BBC and being the slow poke, I declared half way through the ride that I was ready to buy another bike. Immediately following the ride, I drug my sister with me to the bike shop. Our 'bike guy', Brian, fitted me for a new bike and had what I needed in stock ... a Specialized Dolce designed specially for women (Dolce means 'sweet' in Italian). I almost purchased it on the spot, but thought I better talk to Wade first. Three days later, I picked up the new bike. Not only did I get the bike, but I broke down and got the clip-in pedals and shoes that everyone kept telling me would make such a difference.

Well, the bike has made a difference ... although I'm still a slow poke, but not quite AS slow. I'm still getting used to the pedals and shoes (and, yes, I took a tumble thanks to them), but I'm convinced that they do make a difference.

Wade has been so supportive. This new venture has cost quite a bit of money to get started and alot of my time, and he has not complained once. I think he is proud of me.

And I think he likes my smaller gluteous maximus. :-)


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  2. I was glad to see that your husband "caved" in and spent some of that "moldy" money, look at the benefits in more ways than one. Thankfully Chris has someone close to her to ride with since my unfortunate accident. I can't wait to be able to ride with you guys in the not too distant future. Keep riding, be safe!