Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Flies!

Wow, where did the last few weeks go! I can't believe I haven't posted anything since May 12!

I really don't have much new to report. Here's my activity for the past few weeks.

May 12 - See previous entry to see what NOT to do on a bike. I still have bruises!

May 13 - 10.4 miles around Bellwood/Pinecroft area. Rode with Alex, Chris, and Thomas from work ... Here's a photo after our ride. It was cold and windy!

May 14 - Spinning

May 16 - 11.2 miles around the Cove. Solo.

May 18 - Spinning

May 23 - 23 miles around the Cove ... longest ride so far. Solo. Beautiful day!! Here's the view I had for most of my ride!

May 25 - 23.1 miles around the Cove. Solo. Another perfect day! But I was lonely. Miss my sister & brother-in-law riding with me. Bro-in-law won't be on his feet for a while due to a motorcycle accident on Mother's Day. We're all praying for a speedy recovery, but unfortunately, it's gonna be a long road for him. We love you, Cris! But Sis is still planning to ride the MS150 and will get back in the saddle soon.

May 27 - Spinning ... Chrissy came too! Yea!! Good workout ... lots of climbing.

I would have liked to have ridden more, but life gets in the way sometimes.

Later ...

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